New Samurai Code

There is a whole class of people in the world, emerging spontaneously – not paid, or commissioned or elected except by their own calling. These people don’t belong to a social caste or one political party. They have elected themselves, decided from their own experience, their own training, the variety or simplicity of their trainings, to dedicate themselves to upholding the next step of civilization, dedicated themselves to the improvement of the lot of humanity.
This book is a shot in the arm for all of us.
This book is a call back to look at and refine our philosophy, reconnect with our delight, re-invigorate our connection to the virtues that inspired our practice.

We are the new Samurai Class, dedicated to the furthering of the cause of the human family, to the creation and support of the next step of Civilization that we cannot yet quite see, but which is growing among us.


  • Matt commented on 2011/03/05

    love your writing

  • Dr Bill commented on 2011/10/21

    Am fascinated and anxious to read more. Pleasure to meet you and Zeus.

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