Indigo Robes

This is going to go into the chapter on relationships/the social. Talking about the way relationship connects us to ourselves and the transpersonal simultaneously.

River bottom and no travail.

His body was long and lean as the pure white

of the sage and we sat for an hour

pressed together while the stars fought

over viewing positions,

trying to be stately in their indigo gowns,

jostling one another with the bright points

of their elbows, saying quietly to each other,

“I remember what it was like,

to live among the carnelian and the oak,”


“I miss the ebony fingers of the wind

and the succulent sea tasting my flesh

as oranges, as something sweet and protected.”

And finally, moved by something

that had nothing to do with courage,

I put my hand on his arm and said nothing,

by which I mean, “How fine you will look,

in your indigo robes, and shining.”

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