This one caused some interesting stir at Kim Rosen’s poetry retreat in Hawaii. As well it should!

I finally figured it out.
I have an intellectual penis – hell, maybe we all do!
If my brain is my biggest sexual organ
It’s only fair that my cock joins in on calculus.
I’m serious.
As I think about the world – as I feel into Espinoza’s
Assertion that atoms – or something smaller –
Are tiny geniuses participating, creating
What is, dont I need my urge toward union to
complete the understanding?
Don’t you think atoms long for penetration and to be
Penetrated, just like we do?
How else could we explain the sun, without
Virtuoso vaginas, genius johnsons, brilliant bottoms?
This is as serious and as silly as Mass, as the Eucharist.
ANd so to understand my life, don’t I need to include
My sex, my bowels in the temple as much as my heart?

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