The Going is Coming

In 2002, I followed the call to leave Sacramento and open an Aikido school, ending up in beautiful Ojai.

Another call has come. I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to do, but in early May, I’m going to be leaving my 9-year home behind in Ojai, and going on a walk-about.

I’ll be working on my fiction book, Empath, and my non-fiction book, New Samurai Code. I am planning to visit friends and family, see the United States. I have the idea of following a web of connection, meeting the remarkable people – known and unknown to me now – who are doing their best to create a better place for human beings to be (inside and outside). I imagine a series of interviews to live as a resource inside New Samurai Code.

If you have suggestions of excellent humans who are making a difference that I can interview, or you’d like to have me visit, please drop me a line.

The Plan

(because the gods need a good laugh)

Right now, my tentative plan is to be in Socal for a month or so, then head to Northern Cal for the summer, making my way East across the country over a month or so.

My dojo will be run, and run deliciously, by my head student (Brock), my apprentice (Thomas), and our excellent black belt fellow (Steve). I expect to return there at least a few times a year for promotions, seminars and the like.

I will continue to do writing and web and graphic design. If you know anyone who has need, or want to grab me before I leave Ojai, check my Design Site or give me a call.

One final note: I am looking for a home for my awesome dog, Natalie. She is sweet and obedient and mischievous and has always dreamed of being an only dog. She’s 7, loves to be outside and inside, and wants to swim, hike, drive and otherwise do anything you are doing. She does well on or off a leash. She’s friendly to other dogs out in the world, and a good guard dog for your house. If you would like to have the gift of Natalie’s company for years to come, or know someone who would, please contact me.

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May peace and delight run wild in your life.


– Pol


This blog address will be a great place to find me, and some blogging and such chronicling the juicy parts of my travel.

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