Come to Hiroshima by Ron Hertz

Come to Hiroshima

to those who with no shame condone
annihilation of whole cities or nations
please come to Hiroshima
come in early August when the heat is worst
make sure you’re there on the sixth
when the sweat running down your back
somehow feels appropriate
see the museum – learn what you can
imagine as deeply as possible what happened
and try to understand – why

to those who think we need atomic bombs
newer better more useable ones
as certain leaders now claim
please come to Hiroshima
walk through Peace Park
this epicenter – cemetery of ironic serenity
contemplate – meditate – try to understand
would we have done this to whites – dear Christians
here by the riverside thousands staggered to water
“mizu! mizu!” some couldn’t even ask
for what could possibly relieve the burning

to those who think that war is still okay
sleepy as people used to be about slavery
come see the shattered wrecked dome
left in jagged shambles to remind us
see at sunset the paper lanterns
red blue and gold – inscribed with dreams
people lovingly made in the park all day
watch them float downstream candles aglow
like thousands of vanished souls
or beautiful hopes – for what might be possible
please come to Hiroshima
and bring pictures of your loved ones

- Ron Hertz

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  • Craig commented on 2014/10/15

    Thank U for posting this Pol. As we spin in madness of wars and righteousness, such reminders of compassion can help to call us back toward sanity. You bring magic into this world beyond what you may know. Peace and love, Craig

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