Right Now

Even now the lake is smoothing its face
to see the first stars bursting out of the indigo sky 

The sun’s luxurious red hair trails on the far hills
who have already gone black with sleep. 

Armed with only their small chirping,
bats flail unselfconsciously through the woods. 

All these things point me out to myself. 

I am shaking. This is happening. This is always happening somewhere and right in front of me. 

The moonless beach holds me in a pale outline
as if to say to the rest of the gathered pantheon:
these ones need our help, and they don’t know how badly. 


  • Craig commented on 2016/09/22

    Oops. Just sent an incomplete message. An interruption, then my comment in progress was gone. It was probably a jumble; words gathered like an orchestra trying resolve a new composition. Basic message: Hi Pol, hope all is well. I’m very glad you are here. You move among our hearts. That’s the point, and this is Craig Rieser, aikido, sacramento. Distraction has arrived… Bye!

  • Pól commented on 2016/09/23

    Hi, Craig! Love to you!

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