Winter wears grass and soft leaves
in the desert.
Green enough to break your heart
though that’s not the intent.
The sky remembers wet and blue
in unequal measure,
close enough to touch, but improbable
like a child’s painting.
For now, it is enough, with the mountains
and the sea conspiring
Unlike winter, it is their purpose
to break the heart,
to save it.

It is enough.


  • Patay commented on 2011/01/31

    dude! “”it is their purpose to break the heart, to save it” beautiful!
    and the mountains and sea conspiring quietly–I can see them and yippee I will be there at the end of the week. before I come I will write a poem riffed off your line and I’ll bring it with me.

  • pol commented on 2011/01/31

    Oooh, riffology! I love it! Post it here! 🙂

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