Pol Stafford’s creative writing – prose and poetry – can be found in excruciating detail here at SimpleCommunion.

Right now, I’d love for you to check out samples from my first novel – Mannheim.


Happy P贸l

Happy P贸l

I love the way a good story rolls out. You know the author, I’m sure. The one who can write about a trip to the grocery store and have you by her side, the scenery in your mind more vivid than the wall of your own room you can’t even remember the color of without looking.

Ever since I was in 2nd grade, I’ve had a love for Science Fiction, Fantasy. More recently, my tastes have grown to include modern day magical reality, biographies, and travelogues.

A very bad man I know, Gregory Thomas, recently lured me into the dark, steamy (okay, hard and challenging and not racey at all) world of novel-writing. I’m grateful. And surely, some day soon, I will wreak my re-wen-gee on him.


Reader Exclamation:
Oh, dear *fill in exclamation here*, is he going to make us read poetry now?

Yes, and that’s only because it’s good for you.

English teachers the old British Empire over have done their best to murder the heart of poetry, which surely frightened them with its delight and ferocity when they were young boys.

Fortunatley, they have failed to succeed.

Poems break the mind, open the heart, amuse, entertain, delight.

Isn’t this what we all want?

Don’t we like the lyrics of a song where you finally hear them and understand them and something moves inside like a wet tectonic shift?

Some of my poetry is whiny autobiography, and surely, I shall be appropriately punished for it in the afterlife.

Some of my poetry falls into the “ecstatic” category – hopefully, like Rumi, Hafiz, Lala, and other expiditioneers of the heart.

Some of my poetry chronicles the difficulty of being a gay man in a world where gay men feel like they need to hide themselves to be masculine, and the pain we cause each other and ourselves doing that.

Fighting for Peace

I’m an Aikido teacher, a spiritual teacher, and a poet.

Sits quietly and awaits Meteor Strike for putting the announcement down in print.
*PHEW* Moving on…

I’m cramming those things together to create a book of art, poetry, and meditations.

My blog will be about the process of pulling the poems apart, putting them together, birthing meditations out of the process.

Check it out!

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  • Andr茅 commented on 2010/06/12

    I love poetry!!!!
    Keep it coming!!!!!

  • brian commented on 2010/07/29


    Your overflowing cauldron of wonderfulness never fails to crack a smile and wipes away the grime of the day.

  • pol commented on 2010/07/29

    Awwww, thank you, Brian! That’s really sweet of you to say.

  • Zachary Horvitz commented on 2023/10/27

    Thank you for featuring me in your favorites section!

  • P贸l commented on 2023/11/06

    Absolutely! Thanks for finding me! 馃檪
    Would you like me to link back anywhere?

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