This is my first solo novel. After my excellent experience being roped into writing Mannheim with Greg, I dug back through my short stories and notes and decided to pursue Empath.

The main character, Emma, was an ingenue in the short story version – innocent, wrapped in herself, new to the world. That Emma didn’t survive into the novel Empath.

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My name is Emma Burke, and I’m am Empath. It’s been with me since I was a little girl, this feeling inside of others. When you ache for home, and that lady on the bus puts her hand to her heart and leans away from you, that’s me.

My teenage years were not good. You know how adolescents are anyway, now imagine a whole school full of that rushing through you. All the time. I dropped out, worked at a handful of jobs. Ran away from home.

I got, as they say, wrapped up in the wrong crowd in my 20’s. I pulled some crazy shit.

But now, I’m a good girl. I did an online nursing course. I work in the pastel world of baby nursing. Those little humans are bright and clear, and fine to surround myself with.

But you know, when the world gets a taste of you, when the crazy of things has your scent. It never does let you go.

And now it’s here, in my dreams, in alleys in boutique little neighboorhoods, huffing and puffing, it’s gonna blow my life down.


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