The ClockWork Key

I am trying not to remember. But nothing can be hidden forever.
We have concealed the past from our enemies and ourselves…

Mannheim is a work of the modern supernatural. It is a look at humanity through a strange, inhuman lens. It’s a mystery. Like all mysteries, it starts small:

A little night-time-only bookshop in downtown Sacramento – you know the place. It’s an old house, converted into a bookshop. Most of the clients seem to be the friends of the owner, and a little bit…off.

Things open with a special delivery package. Stolen en-route. The trucker delivering it, Skye Jackson, bringing his own checkered history in to join forces with an older properties detective and his sister, a historian, a coffee-bar kid, and an ex-lawyer who inherited the shop.

Someone got what Skye was transporting. And now they want the rest of some kind of Key. And they know it’s somewhere inside Jeremy Caldwell’s “Books ‘Til Dawn”. They won’t stop until they have

Read a sample of Mannheim.

Listen to Pol read part of Mannheim.

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