What if they did?

Who decided what jobs we would get?
Was there a vote or was it done by lottery?
Did the oligarchy or the plutocracy of
beforehand have its usual effect?
Did old souls get to pay $10 more for first seats on the plane?
Did they fork over some tiny-for-the-wealthy sum
and get to ride backwards into the amusement park
of existence, crowbarring frugal folk aside?
And what if they did?
Is Bernie Madoff happy with his stolen treasure
and his mansions still hidden but out of reach?
Do the toads of AM Fear Radio sit amid
their terrifying kingdoms congratulating themselves
while misery rises like Katrina waters around them?
Does it matter?
When Buddhists pray for freedom from misery
and the causes of suffering – or maybe not pray, but
in the way that the name means nothing, occupy the spirit?
What needful parts of the Monte Carlo calculations of the
human condition have we brought forward,
resurrected out of past failures simply to learn
to embrace happiness and the causes of joy?
What pieces of the world are crashed boats
from a kingdom lost to time, needful of returning to
Atlantis or other real fables.
Give wine, give bread, give forgiveness.
Stand up. Shout “God is Great” even if you are
Catholic or nothing at all.
Watch for the echoes of rejoicing.
Follow them out of the mists.

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