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  • Erin commented on 2012/10/10

    “Maybe balance is real, and harmony so enormous and complete we cannot bear to conceive it because it would destroy and uplift those parts of us not ready for failure or enlightement.”

    This ending a day of such tiny wonders- a conversation with a small Marshallese boy who can’t spell anything but his name but knew, with a quiet pride, that an avacado was a plant…who then went on to share, with quiet,shy, deliberate bravery, that he is hoping to try one someday…as he hasn’t tasted one yet. Such a small,brave, adventurous set of words…in such seeming dialectic to yours- eruidite, brilliant, expansive…words that create in me an undeniable longing for, that which is larger …maybe, as always, it’s right under my nose after all, I just need to be reminded to expand my world to that place where failure and enlightenment are in-folded as eliot’s “tongues of flame are in-folded in the crowned knot of fire and the fire and the rose are one”…or in that place where quarks and quasars blend to become a something not yet named…or, maybe, in some subtle hidden meaning giggling from the nether realms of Boehm’s implicate order…hmmm…maybe I’d better quit waxing crazily and go sleep! I’m so glad you share what you write…thank you!


  • order stromectol online commented on 2013/10/26

    I really enjoyed this post. I’ve always really enjoyed your writing, and the way you think.

    Do you suppose faith has a place in finding the harmony among the cacophony? I’m not talking about faith in God, or any particular faith. I mean deciding, without any sort of empirical evidence, that some idea is true, and proceeding with the absolute knowledge of that truth.

    The Greeks put their faith in the laws, and under the umbrella provided by the mechanics of those laws, were able to make artwork that celebrated open space, that drew the eye out and away. Within the strictures of law and order, there were some that devised philosophy and mathematics, and stretched the bounds of knowledge.

    Did believing in the laws and the structure and the order bring everything into focus, making it easier to find truth, love, and beauty?

  • order stromectol over the counter commented on 2013/10/26

    Maybe a way of thinking of ‘faith’ is the reaching out to something larger than your small person, and connecting with something not inherently, immediately, obviously tangible, but that seems real nonetheless.

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